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A lot of writers tend to fear freelance. It is a daunting task, but it is possible if you are good at what you do. Some writers have taken massive amounts of time off the craft to raise families or get their things in order. When they do get back, the question of age settles in, and they get worried about finding clients. Never get worried about your age and freelancing. It does not apply on any ground. If you feel you have dimmed your shine because of your age, here are some of the tips that will help you overcome it and find more jobs:


When you miss out on a gig, you probably think it is because of your age. But it is not that it has to do with skills. You can always improve your skills, especially in the new school writing gigs. The experience of working for decades on the field can get bundled up with some better skills, and you will have a firm stand to secure jobs.

Believe in yourself

You may have skimmed through job ads and found that they require someone with knowledge in Twitter, or WordPress, or someone who has ideas on content marketing. When you see this, you feel already left out in the cold because you have never engaged with such platforms before. The attitude you have about not wanting to learn new things is what is making you lose out on jobs.

With the few remarks, here are the bomb tips to get you started:

  1. Alter your mindset

Most people who worry about age in the field of freelancing are older writers. That is not a matter in the market. If you get experienced in the corporate business world, you might as well shine as a freelancer. It is not a commitment that is going to stick with you forever.

  1. Check your demographic

For old writers, they can target to write about older people. There are hundreds of companies out there that have rolled out prestigious marketing budgets, and they are revenue driven, backed by the writer’s value. Focus on an audience that will be happy to engage with the content you want to put out to the world. Target companies like healthcare and fitness, for example.

  1. Dream big

If you are an older writer and you are looking up for pro rates, avoid signing up to crowded platforms like UpWork, Craigslist, or startups. You will get sad when you get to see the low rates they offer and will even make you feel out of place or irrelevant. Look for established publications and pitch your idea there. The big clients always want to get in the same boot with prolific writers. They will not want to know how small or big you are or how young or old you look.

  1. Get younger on your marketing

Relevancy can pop in on how you market yourself. You can take a headshot. You can take a selfie while relaxing on the beach or take a professional one. You can also make a subscription to some top-notch newsletters and carefully skim and learn their format and the style of writing they use. It can help you a long way to getting your gig.

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