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How much should you earn per word? Most new freelance writers do not understand how they should charge their writing services. Some clients prefer a rating per ether project, working hours, or word count. How should you rate your services to retain the clients and get repeat work?

The article provides more information on how to rate your work and get good pay as you retain the clients.

Overview of freelance writing fees

Rating of work differs significantly from clients. Freelance writers can earn differently depending on the type of project they are doing. Blog clients vary their rates according to the kind of editing services, technical writing, and commercial company .as a writer, you have can rate your blogging services per word, per project, or hour.

New freelancer confuses the concept of pay per hour and word. May make the mistake of charging per hour or per project when negotiating with the client. While some clients will prefer either of the pay rates, it is essential to analyze the overall fees by approximating the amount you will receive and choosing the highest pay.

When you are still new in writing, make it simple, and use pay-per-word methods to charge your services. By maintain this simple way of assessing your service, you will gain control over determining your hourly pay. You will have an opportunity to work on your writing speed, improve your work quality, and develop your processes.

As you gain experience, you become faster and more efficient in writing. Charging per hour or project will deny you some good pay.

Set your freelance writing charges

After understanding the payment rates for working as a freelance writer, it is time to set your working charges. The charges should be reasonable to keep the client happy as you receive your cash. Having enough knowledge and understanding of the payment rate will help you approximate the right payment rate rather than guessing.

Select an applicable rate to your experience

Apart from having adequate experience in your field, you should also find out your niche’s marketability. You should set reasonable charges, depending on your expertise and your area. Here are simple steps you can use in developing your ratings per word:

  • Find out your minimum monthly income.
  • Establish the number of hours you are willing to work in a week
  • Divide your income per months with your working hours

Determine the per-word fees

The figure you will get after the formulation of your charges per word is your target rate. Compare your target with your level of experience. If your target is close to your experience level, that will be okay. If not, consider working towards it. Select the closet range and start working from it as you build your experience, client base and increase demand for your work.

Searching for well-paying clients

After establishing your payment charges, you need to identify the right client who will pay the amount. Good clients usually come through the building of relationships. As you work with the client, ensure you maintain good communication, quality work, and work ethics to get fair pay.


You can earn more than you think about the correct charging rate. work for it. You will meet your target as you gain more experience and customers. With determination and proper strategy will achieve it!

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