Penguin update has made life better for many writers. Since its launch in 2012, there are no longer tricks to make articles get the highest ranks. It has made many writers do what they know best since google ranks according to their content and professionalism. For a paper to get the highest level, it has to be of high quality and must meet all the qualifications required. Writers have the opportunity to prove themselves by making sure they come up with the best papers. Companies are looking for expert writers who can take them to the next level. Writers can write different things like articles, eBooks, and many more.

They help increase the rank of the company that has employed them. If you are a writer, there is no need for idling when there are so many chances out there. You can either choose to freelance or work the whole day as a full-time employee. Some so many people freelance and end up making more than they expected. You have to start small for you to reach where you want. When you choose to freelance, you can still look for another full-time job. You will end up making double and doing what you love. You can consider looking for another job when you are sure you can manage both. Here you will learn what will work for you.

Pros and Cons of Freelance Writing

  • You can work from wherever you want. You do not have to dress up every morning and go to work.
  • The problem with that is, you will not have the pressure to beat the deadline because of the freedom you have. Privilege will make you lazy, and sometimes you will start working late.
  • You get to be your boss. It can either be a good or bad thing according to how you manage yourself.
  • You will have to manage everything on your own unless you consider hiring people to assist you.
  • You can try hiring other people when you do not have the time to write. It is your choice. You can either consider it or not.
  • You can visit different countries while writing. It can act as a motivation to you, and thus you will push yourself harder.
  • You do not need to travel daily to get inspiration. You can try doing different things and see how they work for you. It does not make sense when one has to travel to get motivation.
  • Travelling will make you spend a lot of money that can help with other activities.

Pros and Cons of Full-Time

  • You can make a lot of money when you work the whole day, but you have to make sure that you equip yourself with the necessary skills.
  • It is not hard to acquire skills; you can try working on free accounts.
  • You do not get to enjoy any freedom. It depends on the company you are working for at that time. If they are considerate enough, life will not be too hard for you.
  • When you work full time, you can be able to make decisions to make the company better.
  • You will learn more and grow fast compared to a freelance writer. There will be people who will help improve your writing skills.